Fiberglass Swimming Pools

River Pools powered by Thursday Pools swimming pools from Paradise Pools

Paradise Pools is alos proud to install the River Pools powered by Thursday Pools!

The Thursday Pools Story

Great innovation, in almost any industry, is often times discovered by those wearing a different lens than their peers. And by using proven methods, techniques, and best practices that have been established in other industries, outsiders can often times look through this lens and ultimately merge the best of both worlds—coming up with an end result superior to anything previously done.

Founders Bill Khamis and Ed Vondell started Thursday Pools with a simple goal:

Innovate to create the best designed and longest lasting fiberglass pools in the world. Period.

After four years of arduous work and development, Bill and Ed achieved just that. Not only did Thursday Pools become known in the industry as a company having the finest, quality-driven fiberglass pool shells available on the marketplace, but they also developed the Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System, an innovation that is literally changing the fiberglass swimming pool landscape as we know it.

Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System
Rhino-Loc construction for fiberglass pools
Pool shell construction

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